Search and Rescue (SAR) Training

Search and rescue training is the training that people should receive in order to be able to do the first response against possible accidents at workplaces. Security and precautions should be the most important issues in business processes. If possible natural disasters occur; people may face serious dangers in workplaces and many other similar indoor areas. Search and rescue efforts are extremely important in order to make people safer in the face of these dangers and to restore people to their health by making first interventions.

Today, workplaces are classified according to hazard classes such as dangerous, very dangerous and less dangerous. Especially in mines, construction, factories and similar workplaces, it is very risky for people to continue their work without taking occupational health and safety measures. In addition to the occupational safety measures to be taken in order to avoid these risks; It is also useful for people in the region to receive search and rescue training regularly.

Basic Search and Rescue Training

Basic search and rescue training is offered to individuals by various JHSU companies as well as many training companies. As a result of the scope of the educational contents, it is one of the most important outcomes that people turn theory into practice and gain experience in these areas. As a result of basic search and rescue training, people can provide first aid to their colleagues in possible accidents, disasters or natural disasters.

In addition to providing basic security in workplaces, people should be educated in these areas; It will eliminate possible death and injury situations. It will be sufficient for the people who are trained in this field to intervene to the people who are injured due to the accidents with high risk and to return to their former health. In addition, people who are experts in this field may take a long time to arrive at the site where the accident occurred. Therefore, it is much more important for those who receive basic search and rescue training to do the first interventions before these professionals arrive.

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Search and Rescue Training Certificate

The search and rescue training certificate is the document that people receive after successfully completing their search and rescue training. Those who are successful as a result of these trainings given by many different educational institutions are entitled to receive the search and rescue training certificate and prove that they are experienced people in this field.

In order to receive search and rescue training, people are required to research educational content along with many institutional researches. In order to prevent the dangers that may occur in such areas, it will be important for people working in high-risk areas such as construction and factories to receive these training in the most careful way.

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Search and Rescue Training Institutions

The institutions that provide search and rescue training are generally educational institutions and it is necessary to register with these institutions. Conducting researches such as educational content, types and prices of education together with the educational institution will eliminate the question marks in people's minds. In this context, it would be a better choice to research the institutions that provide search and rescue training in the best way and to record them.

Search and Rescue Training Content

The content of search and rescue training overlaps with the precautions people take for possible accidents in work areas with high risk of danger. Accordingly, search and rescue training content usually consists of:

  • Basic fire training
  • Wreck approach and concrete operations training
  • Disaster preparedness training
  • Entry training to confined and restricted space
  • Working at height training

With all these search and rescue trainings, people can further increase their experience in these areas. It can save the lives of people who had accidents and exposed to natural disasters by performing more professional interventions.

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