Fire Training

One of the possible dangers in homes, workplaces and therefore in many places is fires. One of the most important trainings based on extinguishing fires much more effectively is fire training. People learn the types of fires in fire training. They learn what extinguishing systems can be used in fires. In addition, they learn about them.

Although it is known that the first response to the fire is very important; In order for people to perform this intervention in the best way, they must attend fire training and acquire this discipline. In this sense, fire training will have various positive results.

Gains After Fire Training

People participating in fire training gain various skills after the fire training. Accordingly, these gains generally consist of:

  • Knows the detection systems,
  • Knows burning and fire,
  • Knows and uses fire extinguishers
  • Knows extinguishing agents,
  • Knows fixed extinguishing systems,
  • Knows what to do when leaving the building,
  • Know the factors that cause fire,
  • Knows how emergency response teams will be formed,
  • Knows how to leave the building and help people in need,
  • Can use extinguishing agents depending on the type of fire,
  • Uses portable fire extinguishers,
  • Knows the formation of combustion,
  • Knows the definition of fire and types of fire,
  • The business knows the meeting area,
  • Knows simple fire safety precautions,
  • Participants in the training know that when a fire incident occurs, they will inform the fire, department, the relevant people and the environment,
  • Knows how to behave in the assembly area,
  • Knows how to summon help
  • They can extinguish initial fires,
  • Trainees know how to turn off switches and switches before leaving the building,
  • Knows and uses escape routes.
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Fire Training Certificate

By participating in fire trainings, it is also possible for people who have received such discipline and training to obtain information about how to behave against possible fires. In this sense, the fire training certificate is also very important. After successful fire training, a fire training certificate is obtained, which is an indication that they are competent in this field.

Those who have received a fire training certificate turn this into experience by having better impressions and information about what kind of interventions they will take in fires.

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