Explosion Protection Document

The explosion protection document is an occupational health and safety centered document that is generally required to be found in production and manufacturing workplaces in Turkey. Considering the working conditions of our country, there may be explosions in workplaces that are the source of death and injuries due to various reasons. One of the documents that must be arranged in order to prevent these explosions and to minimize the loss of life and property is the explosion protection document.

Thanks to this document, which was first implemented in France, it has been seen that; Occupational health and safety is provided in businesses that comply with the rules written in this document. The reflection of this practice in our country has also led to extremely positive results. Especially in companies producing with flammable and explosive materials, the production process carried out in accordance with the rules written in this document becomes safer.

Workplaces Required to Have an Explosion Protection Document

The workplaces that must have an explosion protection document are determined by legal regulations. It is obligatory to have this document in some workplaces, especially as a result of the studies carried out by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. Some of these workplaces are as follows:

  • Facilities where petroleum and petroleum derived oil or gases are produced and sold
  • Centers that test with chemical substances
  • Where chemicals such as paint, thinner and varnish are produced and sold
  • Workplaces where foods called organic explosives such as flour, sugar and starch are processed
  • Leather and fabric processing enterprises
  • Edible and mineral oil production facilities
  • Paper production factories

It is mandatory to have an explosion protection document in the enterprises listed above. This business list is revised every year by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. In addition to these businesses, some businesses can also be advised to keep this document.

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What is the Purpose of Editing the Explosion Protection Document?

The best answer to the question "What is the purpose of editing the explosion protection document"; there will be allocation of occupational health and safety. All of the rules written in this document must be followed in accordance with occupational health and safety procedures. In this way, efforts are made to create a safe environment in workplaces where relatively dangerous production processes can be experienced.

The purpose of the explosion protection document is not only to prevent explosions that may occur. One of the aims of this document is to ensure that the least possible damage occurs in an explosion, taking into account the "least damage during the event" principle, which is one of the subjects in the field of occupational health and safety.

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Who Can Prepare the Explosion Protection Document?

The clearest answer to the question of "Who can edit the explosion protection document" is the firms or individuals holding the document and working in coordination with the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. This document is the main criterion for the issuance of the document. The companies that employ people who have obtained this certificate also act as a mediator between the Ministry of Labor and Social Security and the workplaces that are at risk of explosion and ensure that the document is prepared.

What is the Frequency of Preparing an Explosion Protection Document?

The frequency of preparing an explosion protection document is, as a rule, one year. In other words, enterprises that have the risk of explosion in the production and manufacturing areas should obtain this document regularly every year. This rule is valid until the Ministry of Labor and Social Security issues a new circular on the frequency of issuing this document.

While determining the frequency of preparation of the explosion protection document, the Ministry of Labor and Social Security takes into account the needs and characteristics of all enterprises operating across the country. As a result of the examinations and researches made on this occasion, a circular is published at the beginning of each year. This circular also includes the period of issuance of the document. It would be beneficial for the owners of workplaces with risk of explosion to have a look at this circular.

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