Asbestos Removal and Disposal

Asbestos removal and disposal is one of the most delicate works in the construction industry lately. It is among the works that should be done completely professionally, where appropriate equipment and personal protective equipment are used. Asbestos, which is used by many sectors due to its insulating properties, needs to be dismantled and disposed of due to the change of projects or the renewal of the lines.

Asbestos removal is done on the basis of isolating the environment and carefully wearing the equipment only in the work area and changing their clothes in a special room while going out. Although asbestos is in the building sector, it can also be found in the natural environment. You can find asbestos in tanks, insulations, pipes, boilers, coatings, toilets, partition walls, fire doors, ropes, gaskets, fire blankets, cement panels, gutters and ventilation systems.

When a decision is made to demolish a building, a preliminary examination is made to see if asbestos is used in the building. If asbestos is detected, necessary precautions are taken immediately and asbestos removal operations are done carefully before or during demolition. Since 2010, the use of asbestos in our country has been taken under control. The necessary circulars and decisions and the points to be considered regarding the use of asbestos have been determined.

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Points to Consider in Asbestos Removal Process

The things to be considered in the asbestos removal process are the issues that both dismantling experts and employees must comply with meticulously. In accordance with the Environmental Law, it is seen that authorized companies and facilities work professionally in asbestos removal and disposal. Hazardous wastes need to be kept separate from the normal demolition process and handled in a special way. It is also very important for human health to strictly comply with the rules before, during and after the dismantling and demolition processes because there are many serious diseases caused by asbestos.

After the asbestos is removed, markings should be made on the bags in which it is placed, and it should be stored in a suitable place and no asbestos is left in the environment at the end of the work. It is also important to place the necessary warnings so that no unauthorized and unequipped personnel can approach this area. Precautions must be taken to ensure that there is no piercing object next to the bags. It is transported by licensed companies authorized by the Ministry of Environment and taken to the facility where it will be disposed of.

Of course, a technical asbestos risk analysis and assessment is required before demolition and dismantling operations. All operations to be carried out under the control of the asbestos removal specialist should be recorded step by step and followed according to scientific rules. Dismantling works are carried out within the period specified by the expert. It will be better for the health of the employee to take the necessary precautions by anticipating any additional risk situation that may arise in asbestos removal and demolition processes.

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Asbestos Dismantling and Disposal Companies

Asbestos dismantling and disposal companies are enterprises authorized by the Ministry and proven to be authorized. This authorization is not given to companies that do not meet certain conditions. These companies, which have a professional team of asbestos experts, perform all kinds of asbestos dismantling, demolition, transportation, storage and disposal activities. Before this study, necessary permissions must be obtained from the relevant provincial directorate.

The information that needs to be notified within the scope of this permit are the measures to be used in terms of OHS of the employees, the type of the job and the estimated time of realization, the area where the work will be done, the procedure and equipment to be used in the isolation of asbestos substances from the environment, and personal protective equipment. Asbestos products should not be removed without the protective equipment worn by employees. In addition, employees are required to change shifts at certain times.

It is essential that people and nature are not harmed in asbestos disposal. Therefore, it must be stored, stored and transported with sealed bags and packages. Maximum care should be taken during transportation, dismantling and demolition, as well as the disposal phase.

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