Legionella Risk Analysis Training

Legionella risk analysis is a method used to minimize and prevent this disease, which is described as a kind of lung infection disease. Many different methods can be followed to prevent this disease caused by bacteria in the work areas due to some jobs. Legionella risk analysis is also among these methods.

Bacteria that reach the lungs through breathing in areas with vehicles such as ventilation systems and air conditioning trigger Legionella disease. As a result of this trigger, people become uncomfortable and unable to work. It is especially useful to prevent this during activities in the workplace. The measures that can be taken should be evaluated within the scope of Legionella risk analysis, and then people should start treatments for their ailments.

Lejyonella Risk Analizi Eğitimi - Risk Danışmanlık

Legionella Risk Assessment

It is beneficial to prevent these diseases caused by bacteria that reach the lungs with the airway, especially in closed areas, by performing legionella risk assessment. Employees with these ailments, which are more effective in closed areas, are subject to an inefficient work process. In order to prevent these from happening, it would be beneficial to carry out Legionella risk assessments in the best way by both occupational safety experts and company managers.

In addition to all these, Legionella risk assessment can also be carried out by healthcare professionals. Particularly, workplace physicians should warn employees at this point, adjust their work conditions in the best way, and then continue their activities by working in coordination with managers and occupational safety experts, increasing their efficiency. Otherwise, this disturbance triggered by the air conditioning and ventilation systems in the environment may lead to various disasters.

Lejyonella Risk Analizi - Risk Danışmanlık

Legionella Risk Analysis Practice Processes

Risks can be minimized with the implementation processes of legionella risk analysis. Accordingly, it is generally beneficial to apply the following processes:

  • Holding meetings and planning Legionella presentation and risk analysis processes
  • Determination of the places where Legionella Water and swab samples will be taken and the number of samples in the second meeting.
  • Arriving at the facility and taking water and swab legionella samples from previously determined areas with the Maintenance Team
  • Providing sample containers for Legionella Water and Swab analysis and paying the Laboratory Examination fee.
  • Giving disinfection recommendations and routine treatment recommendations for areas with Legionella reproduction.
  • Submission of Legionella water samples to the Accredited Laboratory or Public Health Laboratory.
  • Taking pictures during the procedure.
  • Creating and Delivering Legionella Risk Analysis Report
  • If requested, 1 hour Legionella Training will be given via Teams or Zoom

With all these implementation processes, measures against Legionella disease can be taken in the best way and at the same time, the health of the employees can be protected in the best way. In particular, as we mentioned, it is beneficial to get the maximum efficiency possible in this process, where workplace doctors and managers should be included together with occupational safety experts.

Lejyonella Risk Analizi Uygulama Süreçleri - Risk Danışmanlık

Legionella Disease Management

Legionella disease management should be carried out by occupational safety specialists and workplace physicians despite the ailments of people in general. Protecting the health of employees should be one of the priorities and disciplines of the company management. In addition, better control of the vehicles such as air conditioning and air systems and taking precautions against all the inconveniences that may occur as a result should be professionally carried out. In addition, attention should be paid to:

  • Getting information about the operating hot water system
  • Getting general information about Industrial Business
  • Getting information about the decorative pool and fountain
  • Getting information about the business water and piping system
  • In workplaces that have systems such as air and water,

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